Shake and Season: Spice up Your Popcorn

It is unequivocally true that popcorns are considered as one of the most savored and best snacks in the entire world. It would be an interesting option to watch your favorite movie or enjoy getting together with your family and friends with spiced up popcorns garnished with variant flavors along with enjoying the savory popcorn desserts which are low in calories and great in taste. So, it all needs your little imagination along with experimentation to enhance the amazing flavors of popcorns and make them a relishing delight for your parties. There is the availability of various popcorn seasoning blends that can convey the incredible flavor to the humble popcorns and make them your favorite snack loaded with yummy taste and seasonings.

Shake and Season: Spice up your Popcorn

It can’t be denied that using the different seasonings and flavors you can actually uplift the taste of simple buttered flavored popcorns to make them scintillating appetizing and moreover, you can make popcorn desserts with amazingly low calorie count and enjoy their taste. So, let’s take a look at how to Shake and Season: Spice up Your Popcorn.


1. Make Authentic Use of Classic Flavors in Your Popcorns

Yes, it’s true that you can actually make your popcorns really authentic by making use of the classic flavors, which incorporate the use of cheddar cheese to impart the classical flavoring of cheese. The key benefit of using the cheddar cheese is that it doesn’t have the artificial flavoring and added preservatives, so you can enjoy your cheesy popcorns without having the guilt of adding artificial flavors. Moreover, you can also opt for the Tru Pop Ketchup Shake on seasoning to enhance the classical flavors to your popcorns. In fact, the Tru Pop ketchup shake is MSG free, so you can actually make the liberal use of it to season your popcorns without facing the liability of putting on the extra calories.

2. Enjoy the Italian Seasoning on Your Favorite Popcorns

It’s certainly undoubtful that if you are a huge fan of Italian food and relish its flavors and have a desire to flavor your favorite popcorns with the same seasoning, then you can do it effortlessly. You can enhance the flavor of the popcorns by making use of the fennel, oregano, basil and marjoram along with the use of the olive oil. You can also opt for the mix of lemon, butter and pepper. In fact, the use of smoked paprika with olive oil can make your popcorns really awesome.

3. Make Use of Some Preferred Spicy Toppings on Your Popcorns

There are countless savory options to add extra zing to your popcorns as you can opt for the garlic powder along with olive oil and there is also the option of choosing the thyme, sage and rosemary flavors with olive oil. In fact, you can also experiment with the use of coconut oil with curry powder or use the jerk seasoning. There is availability of dried lemon zest, butter and old bay seasoning to uplift your popcorns with great flavors.  The use of butter added with dried mustard and tarragon make your popcorns superbly amazing.


4. Making Popcorn Desserts

It’s really awesome that you can actually make healthy desserts with your popcorns by making use of ingredients like honey, cinnamon with sugar, maple syrup, banana chips, dried cranberries and raisins. In fact, use of melted dark chocolate on the popcorns actually makes them an appetizing dessert for your family and friends, which you can relish for its incredible taste. In fact, you can also make use of peanut butter along with melted milk chocolate on the popcorns to create a magnificent dessert. The use of vanilla extract with coconut flakes is also an interesting way to enhance the use of popcorns as the dessert. Moreover, you can also opt for the caramel and roasted peanuts to make your popcorns really awesome with great taste. If you get the crushed graham cracker, then mix it with chocolate chips and marshmallows to get the tempting desert and make it truly amazing with its unique flavors.

Hence, it can be assured that by sticking to the Shake and Season: Spice up Your Popcorn, you can really raise the spirit of simple popcorns and make them great for your kin and acquaintances. Thus, the key benefit of using popcorn as the chief ingredient is that you can really experiment with it by using different flavors and can preferably make them spicy or sweet flavored as per your wish and enjoy them with various shakes and seasonings.